There mere fact that you are visiting this website indicates that you have poor decision-making skills. It is recommended that you consult with a physician (which I am not) prior to starting this, or any, training program.

As stated, I am not a physician. I am also not a coach, personal trainer, auto mechanic, physical therapist, counselor, or an astronaut. I was not in the military and I have no real professional qualifications.

The workouts posted on this website and in our training guides are simply training ideas for someone wanting to train for a GORUCK Heavy, Tough, or Light.

While I have completed multiple GORUCK Heavies, Toughs, Lights, and (one) HTL event using the framework found on this site and in the guides, the reality is that following any of this may be very bad and/or dangerous idea for you.

If you ever feel like your health and or safety are at risk while performing anything in our guide, stop immediately.

If you chose to do anything written on this website, or in one of our training guides, you do so at your own risk and assume all liability for what may happen.

Also, I’m always hustling. You should know that most, if not all, links to outside websites like GORUCK or Amazon are affiliate links and I am compensated if you use the link and buy something from the vendor.