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Ruck Training Overview

Every day (assuming I don’t get lazy and forget) there will be a training workout posted on the website. The training is designed to help men and women that want to complete a GORUCK Heavy, GORUCK Tough, and/or GORUCK Light event.

The day’s workout will usually have a modified version for each level of GORUCK event a person is training for.

If you chose to do a workout, I recommend that you scale it as needed and in accordance with your current fitness and training level. This plan is more of a “guide” for training to help you get closer to achieving your goals of completing a GORUCK event and, of course, you should read our¬†disclaimer before you jump in.

Generally speaking, the training will follow a pattern. Mondays are usually shorter, heavier rucks. Wednesdays are usually mid-range rucks focused on pace and speed. Saturdays are usually long rucks. All other days are variations of rucking and/or PT movements.