Ruck Training Overview

Every week there will be a ruck training guide posted on the website. The training is designed for men and women that want to complete a GORUCK Heavy, GORUCK Tough, and/or GORUCK Light event, though it is open to everyone.

Each day’s work will have a modification based on what event you are training for.

If you chose to do a workout, I recommend that you scale it as needed and in accordance with your current fitness and training level. The training is programmed on a 12-week cycle.

The training posted here is more of a “guide,” designed to help you get closer to achieving your goals of completing a GORUCK event. Because it is a guide, feel free to modify it however you would like.

We ask that you read our disclaimer. Basically, you should follow our guides at your own risk. We put them out there as a guide, but only you know your level of fitness to engage in any of the activities we outline. If you ever feel like your health and or safety are at risk while performing anything in our guide, stop immediately.

Generally speaking, the training will follow a pattern: Mondays are usually shorter, heavier rucks, where you’ll be carrying something. Wednesdays are usually mid-range rucks focused on pace and speed. Saturdays are usually long rucks. All other days are variations of rucking and/or PT movements and rest days. Again, it is a guide. Do whatever you want.

Got questions?