Free GORUCK Selection Training Plan and Guide

GORUCK Selection is the world’s hardest endurance event. With under 5% of participants finishing, it is an epic beat down for body and soul. If you think you have what it takes to complete GORUCK Selection, you’re probably wrong.


The entire GORUCK Selection training plan is available below for free.

If you’d like a fancy PDF version, tough. You’re training for Selection. You’ll take what I give you and like it.


If you’re wanting to train for a GORUCK Selection, I’m going to assume that you’re F*n insane. I’d tell you to check with a doctor, use wisdom, and train responsibly, but you’re obviously not going to do that.

Plan or Guide?

This GORUCK Selection training plan is designed to be a guide for your training. You know your unique training needs better than I do. Actually, that’s probably not true. You are obviously delusional because you think that you can complete Selection. So, you probably have no idea what your unique training needs are. Either way, I guess, you can change, add, or subtract, anything you want. While it is “a” plan, feel free to use it as a guide and adjust as your unique needs dictate.

Should I also do strength training?

No way. You’re good.

What you need.

I highly recommend you get:

  • A 60# sandbag
  • A $20 Jerry Can
  • A log (If you can’t find one, search craigslist for “free wood.”)
  • A friend to talk some sense into you.

Before you begin.

Read our disclaimer. Be smart in your training. Be safe in your rucking. Send feedback, ideas, and pictures of you getting your Selection patch to ryan AT And, may God have mercy on your soul.


This guide does not have a taper period. But neither does life. Basically, Selection starts right now. Get to work.

GORUCK Selection Training Guide – Week 1

Week One Recommended Reading:

Day 1

Wake up before everyone.
Ruck further than everyone.
Lift heavier than everyone.
Run faster than everyone.
Do more PT than everyone.

Day 2 

Same as yesterday, only work harder and do more.

Day 3 thru Selection

See day 2.


Seriously though. If you want to complete Selection, it will take unbelievable work. Odds are, you’re going to need more than some “guide” you found on the internet. Dig around and see what other finishers have done to prepare. It will take everything you have, and that might not even be enough. If you’re going for it, I do wish you all the best.

If you’ve decided that maybe Selection isn’t for you, check out our GORUCK Heavy guide, GORUCK Tough Guide, or GORUCK Light Guide. They will actually help you complete those events. Nothing will help you prepare for Selection.


Now go earn that patch!