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Recommended GORUCK Training Tools

If you are training for a GORUCK event, there are several training tools that will help you get the most of your rucking and training. While you aren’t required to have any of these tools, they are recommended to make your training more effective.

GORUCK GR1 or Rucker

If you don’t have one already, it should be high on your gear list. The fact of the matter is that these rucks are designed for the abuse that GORUCK events are going to throw at them. Sure, you can use any ruck or backpack, but it helps to have a GORUCK ruck.

Ruck Plate

When rucking, you need to add weight to your ruck. You can add bricks, sand, frozen turkey, or whatever you want to meet your weight requirements. But, ruck plates are really nice. They get you to your weight and take up minimal space. It took me a while to buy one. After buying it, I’ll never go back to anything else.


They are awesome and you need one. We program sandbags in our training, so you’ll want to get one. Or, at the very least, make one (google it).

Jerry Can

I hate Jerry Cans. But, in a GORUCK event, you are almost guaranteed to have one or more to carry. So, this will help you get used to the awkwardness. Good news, Amazon has one for only $15. Just go buy it.

A Log

Find a log. You will carry it.

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