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Ruck Training – Alpha – Week 8

Below is a ruck training guide for Week 8 of our Alpha Ruck Training Program.

If you are unfamiliar with our training, check out this overview and this disclaimer.

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  • Go for a ruck carrying a Sandbag.
    • Light – Sandbag can be very light.
    • Tough – Sandbag should be 30-40 pounds. Set it down as often as needed.
    • Heavy – Sandbag should be 40-60 pounds. Minimize the number of times you put it down.


  • Deck of Death – Pick 4 PT movements from this page. Assign each movement a suit from a deck of cards (diamond, spade, heart, club). Flip over a card and whatever the number is, that’s how many reps of the movement you complete. Repeat until the deck is finished.
    • Light – Cut the deck and only do 1/2 +/- cards.
    • Tough – Cut the deck and only do 3/4 +/- cards.
    • Heavy – Do the whole deck.


  • Time Test. Go ruck for 1 hour.
  • Upon completion record distance, pace, and how you feel. We’ll have 1 more Time Test Rucks in this 12-week cycle. Recording your data will help you gauge improvement.


  • Rest day.


  • Perform the work outlined below.
    • Max distance bear crawl.
      • When your knee touches the ground, get up and perform max Ruck Swings.
    • Max distance bear crawl.
    • Max distance bear crawl.
    • Max distance bear crawl.


  • Go for a ruck.
  • This Saturday is a deload ruck. Next Saturday will be one of our longest rucks in this cycle.


  • Rest day.

Photo Credit: Dan Sell. If you’re interested in Dan shooting photos at your GORUCK or Ruck Club events, you can find him on IG or FB.

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