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Ruck Training – Alpha – Week 4

Below is a ruck training guide for Week 4 of our Alpha Ruck Training Program.

If you are unfamiliar with our training, check out this overview and this disclaimer.

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  • Go for a ruck carrying a log.
    • Light – 1 mile. The log can be very light. Try to complete the whole ruck carrying the log.
    • Tough – 2 miles. The log should be of average size. Set it down as often as needed.
    • Heavy – 2 miles. The log should not be small. Attempt to make the entire mile without setting it down.



  • Time Test. Go ruck for 1 hour.
  • Upon completion record distance, pace, and how you feel. We’ll have 2 more Time Test Rucks in this 12-week cycle. Recording your data will help you gauge improvement.


  • Rest day.


  • Perform the work outlined below.
    • Light – Perform as written.
    • Tough – The jump in the burpees should be over your ruck.
    • Heavy – 125 Ruck Clean and Press. The jump in the burpees should be over your ruck.
  • Optional – Go for a short ruck to cool down.



  • Rest day.

Photo Credit: Dan Sell. If you’re interested in Dan shooting photos at your GORUCK or Ruck Club events, you can find him on IG or FB.

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